Welcome to Omah Jati Kostel

Enjoy your stay with us

Omah Jati Kostel's philosophy, Omah means home/ house and, Jati means teak (Tectona grandis) in Javanese language. Omah Jati means a house made of teak, teak is classified as one of the best and fancy wood. Kostel means Kost (boarding house) and Hotel. So our philosophy is we provide the best and fancy Kostel just for you. Our location is in Solo Baru, Central Java, so if you travel along, or you have a business trip, quick book and stay here with us.

Why stay with us?


We offer you comfort, clean, nice, eco & green place to stay


We equipped our stay with many facilities such as kitchen, living room, garden, cafe, convenient store, copy machine and many more


We always give you the best price

Eco & Green Ambience

Enjoy your morning with breezy and fresh air. Far from the crowd is the best place to rest.

Find your second home

This is where you can spend the night during your study, vacation, or even a business trip

©2020 Omah Jati Kostel. Jl. Elang, Tlobong, Solo Baru, Central Java, Indonesia 57556 (0271-5723985)
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